Our Company

CheckWriters builds web-based Payroll, HR, and Benefits software that makes the user's job easier by organizing all employee data and HR functions in one secure, accessible location.


CheckWriters emphasizes the importance of providing opportunities for their employees
to learn, grow, and unlock their potential as professionals.

Phil, Customer Service Specialist

I tell potential clients all the time that I love coming to work because I'm excited about our product -
but more importantly, I believe in it.
Tracey, Sales Account Executive

The great thing about CheckWriters is the community feel.
We have staff that makes coming to work a truly enjoyable experience, and we all work as a team.
Nikki, Tax Specialist

Our Benefits

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day

We provide a comprehensive healthcare plan with allowances for monthly gym reimbursements and other fitness incentives. Also, we fund individual Health Reimbursement Accounts so you can be reimbursed for deductibles.

More Money in Your Pocket

More Money in Your Pocket

We offer Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), which allow you to set aside a portion of your income – tax-free – to pay for certain medical or dependent care expenses.


Flexible PTO and Scheduling

You'll start with over a week of paid time off and start accruing the first day. And just 2 years later, you’ll be accruing over 4 weeks of paid time off.

Having Fun and Giving Back

Having Fun and Giving Back

Company-sponsored and family-friendly events, fundraising and community initiatives.

Save Early

Even if you’re not thinking about retirement yet, we want you to be comfortable when you get there. We put an amount equal to 3% of our employees’ wages into a 401(k) for you. And every year we’ve been in business, we’ve added an additional 2% in profit sharing.

Man's Best Friend

Short and Long-Term Disability

Whether your absence is planned or unexpected, your paycheck is protected under our Short or Long-Term Disability plan.


You may not see the position you're looking for – send us your resume anyway. We’re always searching for our next great hire and would love to hear from you.