Check Writers Payroll in West Springfield Massachusetts

About CheckWriters

We know you love your job.

But let's take a moment to imagine the worst aspects of your payroll and HR process. It might include multiple logins, redundant data entry, staple-ridden new employee packets – the list goes on.

Now imagine a single login – for everything. Payroll, Attendance, and HR Modules that talk so you don’t have to type. Employee paperwork that’s sent, signed, and stored electronically.

Sounding easier already, right?

This is what we’ve created at CheckWriters – Payroll, HR, and Benefits software that makes your job easier.

Family-owned businesses, major corporations, and companies with complex, multi-state requirements all find our service adaptable. It operates the way they operate.

Because we've been paying close attention to what businesses like and find useful for over 25 years. And while our technology is designed to make your workday simple, you can always pick up the phone and call us. Your personal payroll specialist will be glad to hear from you.

All of us here believe that if this works so well for the thousands of diverse businesses we help every day, it will work for your business, too.

Dynamic Technology

As our company grew, we realized a responsibility to develop our own web-based payroll and human resources software independent of third-party licensors. What does this mean for you? Flexibility and customization - your needs, ideas, and requests go straight to our developers.

Single Database

How does single database technology work? It means that data written into one of our modules is instantly accessible from any other module. Payroll, HR, Attendance, and Onboarding all operate on one platform – efficient data management with a single login.

Singular Security

As a CheckWriters client, you’ll have the power to access your Payroll, HR, and Attendance processes from anywhere – without compromising your data’s security. We own our data processing and storage servers and can easily establish security roles across our single database.